Heavy Haul

This division will deliver almost anywhere, but mostly agricultural, construction, job sites, industrial, & factories/manufacturing plants

This division will solely deliver to and from local job sites and construction companies using flatbed, end/belly dump, lowboy, & occasionally heavy haul. job will mostly consist of moving rock, sand, wood, brick, etc. and some machinery. This division is "Shifting Local" or Local only. Shifting Local is one small area that will occasionally move to another area(e.g. around Seattle for 5 months, then around ABQ for 3 months, then around LA for 8 months) to simulate different jobs.

Heavy haul and Special Transport will consist of moving heavy and oversized loads following any necesarry special routes to be followed. This division will also consist of Pilot car drivers as well and may occasionally need to assist construction & Agriculture divisions in moving loads. This division is Local & Regional only.