*Must be able to speak and understand English fluently(may change if translators become available in real time)
*At least 18 years of age
*At least 100 in game hours(SP/MP combined)(if you drive in real life you are exempt from this)
*At least 4 loads a month(exceptions can be made for those who need it and if you will be away for a little while)
*MUST follow traffic laws, 5 over limit(regardless of measurment system 5kmph or 5mph) is allowed outside of town at your own risk but we strongly encourage avoiding that.
*Must be a decent driver, safe driver, not wreckless, follows traffic laws, respectful, communicative, & take the game mostly seriously while still having fun.
*Must use realistic fuel economy and traffic violations settings in the gameplay tab of settings.
*Must report any accidents and speeding tickets.
*Must be ok with doing logs via Trucksbook when using company truck or registered Owner/Operator truck and/or trailer.(Approved carriers manage their own logs and company rules but must keep accidents and fines at a reasonable level)

PREFERENCES(not required):
*200hrs game time or more
*Controller or wheel control method
*All DLC for game(s) of choice
*21 or older